Calculators have evolved. Lead Generation Calculators from DigitalMailer and NAFCU Services

Do your members use your online financial calculators?

Which calculators are most popular?

How many members accessed them on your credit union's website?

Who were they and how do you follow up with them?

Find out! Transform your online financial calculators into targeted lead generation tools in five simple steps.


Lead Generation Calculators

Don't guess at what your members want, know! These online calculators deliver special offers, collect member information, provide reports to your credit union sales and service teams and send automatic triggered response emails based on your member’s individual action.


Our advanced lead generation calculators provide relevant content, interactivity and educational value that prompts members to take the next step. Passive website visitors are transformed into live leads starting with a series of meaningful impressions from the online calculator.


Lead Generation in 5 Simple Steps

Let technology collect and respond to the lead for you, all while driving your members towards a relevant solution.
Set up customized calculators
30 branded calculators in five categories avaliable.
  • Auto
  • Home finance
  • Credit
  • Savings
  • Retirement

Track the usage of your calculators in real-time to gauge member interest and track your promotions.

Promote relevant special offers

A member thinking about buying a new car uses the "How much car can I afford?" calculator. The results are delivered with a $25 gas card with auto loan application offer. The offer is made right at the moment of peak engagement and interest in the product.

Collect member information
The member clicks to learn more and is invited to submit their interests and information in a secure form.
Deliver automatic targeted emails

The member's information is entered into a customized, automatic email campaign series with highly targeted solutions to fit their specific needs. "You calculated how much car you can afford. We want to remind you about our great auto loan rates and free gas card offer!"

Provide reports to sales and service teams
Follow-up on hot leads! Auto lending department is notified of new lead and reports for each calculator category are available online for immediate tracking.


It is difficult to determine what a member or prospective member needs, let alone reach out to them at the moment right when they need it, and this technology automates that process. The calculator delivers the right message to the right person at the right time, which is the key to any successful targeted marketing effort. 

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