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How Long Will It Take To Pay Off My Credit Cards?

Use this calculator to determine the amount of time it will take to pay off your credit card balance based on your monthly payment, or see what your monthly payment should be in order to pay off your credit card balance in a certain amount of time.

Credit Card Information

Credit Card Balance:
Future Monthly Charges:
Future Monthly Payment:
Interest Rate:
Desired Months to Pay Off:

Credit Card Balance

Enter your current credit card balance.

Future Monthly Payments

Enter the monthly payment you plan to make going forward.

Months to Pay Off

Enter the number of months you'd like to have your credit card balance paid to 0.

Interest Rate

Enter the interest rate for the credit card.

Future Charges

Enter your average monthly charges going forward.

Results Information

Department of Labor Federal Credit Union

Serving employees and contractors who work for the Department of Labor, their families and associated organizations. See website for details.

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