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How Much Will My Certificate Be Worth at Maturity?

Does your investment portfolio include a certificate account? (Credit unions usually call these "Share Certificates" and banks usually call these “CDs”). Find out how much they will be worth at maturity.

Your Information

Certificate Amount:
Certificate Term (Months):
Certificate Dividend/Interest Rate:
Compounding Frequency:
Your Federal Tax Rate:
Your State Tax Rate:
Estimated Inflation Rate:

Certificate Amount

Enter the amount of your initial certificate.

Certificate Term (Months)

Enter the term for the certificate account in months.

Certificate Dividend/Interest Rate

Enter the annual dividend/interest rate on your Certificate.

Compounding Frequency

Enter the compounding frequency of your certificate.

Federal Tax Rate

Enter your federal tax rate. If you are using a tax free savings instrument, then enter 0%.

State Tax Rate

Enter your state tax rate. If you are using a tax free savings instrument for the state in which you reside, then enter 0%.

Inflation Rate

Enter the expected inflation rate for the period in question. The historical average is about 3%.


Department of Labor Federal Credit Union

Serving employees and contractors who work for the Department of Labor, their families and associated organizations. See website for details.

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