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 We received an overwhelming response from members of truly GREAT credit unions. Your stories really showcased the amazing ‘people helping people’ attitude that credit unions embody. And now for the winners!

Three grand prize winners of a $500 Discover® gift card

Ted Tomalewski of COMSTAR Federal Credit Union

Steven Dubzinski of GFA Federal Credit Union

70 Years ago
amidst my birthday cheers and hollers,
My memiere and pepiere
gave me 50 dollars.

I wanted to save my money
and keep it for a rainy day.
So my mom and dad
brought me to the GFA.

I walked in to the main branch
and was treated like I was royal.
Everyone working at the credit union
was friendly, smiling, and loyal.

I opened up my first account-
the experience was the best.
I learned at a very young age
this was the best place to invest.

Over the years and several visits
I learned something new.
Leaving my money in a safe place,
I watched it as it grew.

Sixteen years old and a license
I wanted to go far.
I returned to my home town credit union
to get a loan for a new car.

Leaving the dealership that day,
a teenager, I felt great.
My monthly payments were very low, 
GFA gave me a great rate.

My next venture was off to college
an education I wouldn't miss.
Tuition was a lot of money--
How would I pay for this?

Back to the GFA I went, 
a college loan was a must.
This is the only place to go
the loan department I could trust.

It's hard to believe that time has passed
a new career and challenges to face.
As a recently married young man, 
I want to buy my first place.

First time homebuyers, mortgage rates
and some very sound advice.
Back to the main branch on Parker Street
where everyone is always so nice.

I looked at many houses
one stood out and struck a chord.
I settled in on a final offer, 
of which my pre-approval said I could afford.

We bought the house with trepidation
anxiety and some fears.
It's hard to believe I own this place.
Paid off in a quick 30 years.

My wife and I have grown old
It's time to slow down and rest
Thankfully I've always gone to GFA
with my money to invest.

401Ks, financial planning,
my account kept getting higher.
Because all of your prudent advice-
I am fully prepared to retire.

The GFA has been with me
from my beginning until my end
It is more than a neighborhood institution
It is truly a blessing and a friend.

So my life has come full circle
and I have been smart with every dollar.
Nothing makes this new pepiere happier
Than giving my new grandson 50 dollars.

Helen Nunn of Robins Federal Credit Union

My husband and I became members of the "Credit Union" in the early 1970's. We were blessed with a son early in our marriage and we thought there was nothing more prestigious than being a member of the "Credit Union" and saving for our future. We thought our $50.00 per month savings was going to be our retirement. Seven years later we were blessed with a daughter. Our precious little girl was born with a cleft lip, but by the grace of God and our "Credit Union" savings we were able to afford her surgeries. Because we were afraid that society would not accept her and see her beauty as her parents and family did, we began getting her involved in everything we could to help her develop into a very independent and talented young lady. We had to get loans to help defray the expenses and would not have been able to afford our children’s' college without the help and guidance of our "Credit Union". John and I continue to use the "Credit Union" now "Robins Federal Credit Union" as our banking institute and are not monetarily rich but richly blessed!



Five runner-ups won a $250 Discover gift card

Lynneth Purnell of Greater Metro Federal Credit Union

Greater Metro FCU is great for many reasons but one reason that I will share which is most special to me and I'll never forget is when I was laid off a few years ago. I was a college graduate who struggled for years to be able to put myself through school since my parents could not afford to send me. I took out a few loans to get me through during school and after graduation. When I lost my job the first thing that I said was Oh my God. I have no savings, no one was in the position to help me, how was I going to make all of my monthly loan payments? I found myself stuck between a rock and a hard place. I wrote a letter to Greater Metro to explain what I was going through and asked if they could help me in any way - and boy did they ever come through! They were able to combine my two loans for me with a lower payment so that when I did get back on my feet, one payment vs. 2 payments would help tremendously because aside from these loans I had 4 other loans to pay for my education. GMFCU also gave me a month off to get on my feet and held off a payment for me. I was in shock. There is no bank on this planet that would do for me what GMFCU did. I will never forget them for helping me during the hardest time of my life. Now that things have slowly turned around for me, every dime that I can afford to invest or save will be only through my credit union. I will never give the banks my business ever again. Thank you so much GMFCU.

Gail Wainscott of NAPUS Federal Credit Union

This past August my husband and I were on vacation, heading to the Gulf Coast to go Deep Sea Fishing. We drove about halfway the first day, staying just outside San Antonio. We were robbed at our motel. All our credit cards, and most of our cash, check book, and our ID's were gone. We were in a pickle! We could turn around and go home, but then the money we had already sent for the deep sea adventure would be gone. So I called NAPUS. Now I don't have a credit card with them only a share account that an allotment is taken out of my paycheck to make an auto loan payment. I told them what our situation was, and they said they would call me back. In less than one hour I was able to go to a Wal-mart and pick up the cash they had transferred from my share account. I believe the two gentlemen who assisted me went wayyyyyy out of their way, and beyond their duties to save the day for us. For this reason I think my credit union, NAPUS FCU, is the greatest!

Phyllis Bank of Lafayette Federal Credit Union

left quote

In August my husband of 30 years suddenly passed. During our marriage, he took care of all financial matters and other the years had formed a bond with Lafayette employees. Following his funeral, it intimidated me when I realized that I had to visit the bank. I am over 60 years old and had had no familiarity with banking. I was frightened to walk into the bank. Lafayette staff was shocked and distraught to learn of my husband's death. that pivotal day and in the weeks that followed, they taught me how to access my account on line and basically how to conduct financial business. At no point did I feel demeaned or patronized. To a person, Lafayette Federal Credit Union has been welcoming, supportive and generous in spirit.right quote


Don Bowen of Heritage Federal Credit Union

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They really value each member. I lost my job a while back and had a loan through my 401k plan. I received a letter from my employer stating that I had 90 days to pay back $20k or it will be recorded as a withdrawal. I had no job so how could I get a loan to pay this. My credit union gave me a loan by using my 3 vehicles as collateral. I later found a job and everything worked out great. They really care about each and every member. They work with members when times are difficult, trying to refinance or extend payments. They do not want any member to lose their car or home. Very professional, friendly and caring. Their employees work many, many volunteer hours in our community. It is really people helping people philosophy at work each day.right quote

Jon Adams of Actors Federal Credit Union

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AFCU has been my financial institution since my early days in NY, almost 35 years now. I remember firing Citibank and switching to my credit union, which a friend had recommended. All of a sudden, the ridiculous service charges were gone! So was the surly, unfriendly attitude. When I visited the branch there was actually someone available to talk to me about my finances. The tellers smiled and were cordial. This was something I knew I could easily get used to. A few years later, I refinanced my mortgage at AFCU, where I learned they never sell their mortgages to other banks. Again, a completely pleasant and stress-free experience. When the devastating collapse of Wall Street and the banks occurred last year I had nothing to worry about at AFCU. They had never engaged in any of the abominably exploitative practices that brought down our economy. I've shopped and compared, as they say. In short, there's just no reason NOT to bank with my credit union. They win, hands down, in every comparison.right quote


 45 entries were chosen for honorable mentions receiving CULookup.com merchandise.
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